Monday, 18 August 2014

Back in the Game...

I have a confession...  I haven't written anything since January.  My baby ended up being two weeks overdue, and stressed to high heaven wasn't the best mental state for me to be in to write productively.  I am making excuses up now, but honestly, I've had a rough time.

My little Fern is now four and a half months old and I have to go back to work in a few weeks.  Now is the time to get back in the writing game.  I think that the break has actually benefited me.  I am bursting with ideas and all I want to do every day is write, but I'm taking it slow.  I don't want to burn out.

All I need now is a little peace and quiet.  Normally, I could write in the middle of a battlefield without being distracted, but for some reason over the past few months, I have developed the annoying trait of only being able to concentrate in extreme silence.  I have even resorted to my old trick of writing on the toilet and in the bath, but my three year old, Niamh likes to follow me into the bathroom now, so that doesn't work any more.

I managed to persuade the other half to take Niamh out to the park for a few hours yesterday.  Two minutes after they had walked out of the door, the Father-in-Law called me to 'discuss holiday arrangements'.  Half an hour later, he was still waffling down the phone to me and in walked the OH and Niamh.  Apparently it had looked like it was going to rain (it stayed sunny for the whole afternoon).  So, my imagined afternoon of quiet writing bliss was none existent.

So, I'm going to be a terrible parent and ply Niamh with computer games, apps for her tablet and new DVD's.  It's the only way, I'm sure of it.

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