Friday, 14 November 2014

Chipping Away at the Dreaded Block

Up until recently, I hadn't written anything in just under a year.  I might have squeezed out a couple of blog posts and maybe a few journal entries when the fancy took me, but I hadn't written anything of any substance.  My new book got thrown in the bin, any short stories I was working on went the same way.  I was frustrated, highly stressed and writing seemed like the last thing I wanted to do.  Even when the urge to write took hold, I would sit for an hour, staring at a blank piece of paper or writing the same sentence over and over again.  This added to my frustration.  I honestly thought I would never write again.

My friends were asking when my next book would be ready...  I lied.  I told them that I was working on it, and it would be ready soon.  In actual fact, there was no next book.  I had screwed up my notes, thrown them away and viciously murdered every single character in my head.

A few weeks ago, I decided to leave my full-time job as a mental health support worker.  It was causing me way too much stress, and I wanted to concentrate on de-stressing my body so that hopefully, my creativity could find its way back.  It worked.

I started small.  I bought a 'one sentence a day' journal, so that every night I wrote a sentence that summed up my day, trying to concentrate on positives.  This followed with longer journal entries and blog posts.  I have now written six short stories, and ideas are flooding my brain.  I have had to set up a 'running idea' list where I write down every story idea so I don't forget it, and I can work my way through them.

I can't explain the relief and excitement I am feeling, finally being able to sit down, write, plot, daydream and be creative with words once again.  I feel like 'me' again.

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