Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday is Funday for Mummy...

I work from home, so my week is pretty hectic.  After the school run, I work for a few hours' on my event management business, Pink Lace Events.  This is followed by a quick lunch, if I remember.  I then do my daily workout and squeeze in a quick shower before I'm out of the door for the school pick-up.
Once the kids are home, it's all cleaning, cooking and play, with the occasional trip to the park or play centre, until D arrives home in time for tea, baths and bed.
I record all of my favourite TV programmes (mostly soaps), so I can relax and watch them once the kids are in bed.  I will then have a couple of hours' to get some actual writing done before I collapse, exhausted into bed.
This happens from Monday to Friday.  Saturday runs along the same vein, but with more tantrums and mess (mostly from me).
Sunday, well, Sunday is heaven for me.  D is home all day, which means I can sit at my desk and write until the well runs dry.  I like to get some housework done early, so that I can write without guilt, and have a break to cook a roast dinner (again, to ease the guilt).  But, the most of the day is spent feeding my brain, writing and daydreaming.
Without Sunday, I'd have no energy to get through the following week.  It's my solace; my rest day; my day for filling up the well.

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