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I have been writing seriously for over twelve years'.  During that time I have had six children and penned six books, only one of them published (four of which will never see the light of day).

I write crime thrillers (even though my last book wasn't), and I am working on the first in a series that features DI Adrian Cartwright.  You can keep track of my word count for 2016 on my blog page (and give me a kick up the back-side if I'm slacking).

I've also been known to write short stories and parent, baby and lifestyle features.

Poppy sleeps with her boss for a promotion, and then finds out her mum's having an affair with him. Daisy's husband thinks she's a punch bag, and Colin has to tell his homophobic parents he's gay. When Poppy's boss, Max invites her on a business trip, she thinks she has the perfect chance to impress him and get the promotion she's been after. Only, she ends up in bed with him. To make matters worse, a few days later, her ex-boyfriend Jack, 'the-one-that-got-away' turns up. A heart-warming story about three twenty-something's trying to make sense of life. 

Goodreads Review by MissyDevoursDelishReads: 
Happy to have had the heads up to enjoy this book as I was able to snag my freebie copy of Secrets, Lies & Vodka Parties by Jennifer Nolan. Excellently written, I have absolutely no complaints here. Awesome editing skills, with a really great storyline setup. Beautiful book cover, too, I'm rating this one 5 Stars!

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